Satyachetana Sikhyashram Balanga

How important is education? 

What better service to humanity can we render than giving our children every chance to grow? Doesn’t it mean the world? Isn’t it our future?

Much, if not all, suffering in the world would be completely erased if our little ones would be properly taught and given the opportunity to experience themselves and their lives in a better, more complete and perfect way. To this end a grammar school was founded in 2005 in Balanga, Odisha, India by a living enlightened master. 

The school has as its mission not only the horizontal expansion and perfection of the children in their material lives, but also their growth and ascension through the psychic element of their systems to evolve into caring, truthful and powerful spiritual beings and leaders in all areas of life.

In a country with thousands of years of the tradition of Gurukulam (children being raised and taught by sages, enlightened beings and wise men), there has been a steady and growing demand for this type of education from the local community as well as a strong effort on the part of the school to improve itself over the past fourteen years. 

However, due to the poverty in the community and the overwhelming cost of admissions to the students, the school’s directors have not been able to keep up with structural maintenance and other very basic needs of the facility. Nevertheless, despite any difficulties or setbacks the school is developing a reputation for excellence in the whole state of Odisha. 

When meeting the students for the first time, one cannot escape the obvious impression of their deep love for this school. This is due to the care they receive here. They not only get a good education; here they learn the principles of Life and God within. Parents of young girls bring their daughters to this school because they feel safe. Also, directors, principals, teaching staff and other workers have gone without pay for months at a time just to keep the school alive. Even in their financial hardship, this dedicated team has not been willing to give up on SCS Balanga School. Nevertheless, the situation had to come to a turning point as the financial pressure on the community became increasingly difficult to bear. 

At this juncture, Divine Shakti Educational Foundation decided to step in and do the necessary to relieve the burden of these dedicated workers in order to ensure the success of the school and preserve and expand it for coming generations. 

There are over 450 students at this time, with tendency of rising admissions. Starting with the lower grades (K – 8) the school has advanced to include standards 9 and 10 and is now aspiring to be able to provide education through the 12th grade. Support is now needed to complete the necessary construction and expansion of the school and to provide funds to pay staff. 

The fundraiser is being managed by Divine Shakti Educational Foundation (DSEF), a 501(c)3 Corporation. DSEF will collect and distribute donations, serving as a steward to use all funds received in the areas that are most
in need of support. 

(All contributions are tax-deductible in the USA.)

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